320 Our current society

Do we live not in a society of forced conformity? Is this forced conformity not enacted by a three check system in which the mob chooses sick and petty tyrants who have the desire to rule over other people’s lives in which they will, up to take human lives, to live out their sick desires?

The society that we live in today is doing all it can to get the masses away from GOD. GOD did not give humans the right to rule over other humans. Only Jesus Christ has this right. The more society erases GOD the more power they have to rule over other humans.

Jesus is true and rightful King of this where we are living.. I challenge you to look up what he commanded before he ascended into heaven

317. Advice from Christ (Don’t sink to the depths of hell)

Luke 12:15

“The He said to the crowd, “Don’t be greedy! Owning a lot of things won’t make your life safe.”

Jesus said that it is just as hard to get a rich person into heaven as it is to get a camel thru the eye of the needle.

We should ponder on this from time to time. We should ask ourselves what is it that I am working for? Is it to amass wealth and things our is it to just live and be happy?

We shouldn’t let having too much weigh down our lives. It can cause us to lose friends and family. We will become lonely with our things. When we become lonely that can be a low kind of hell to be in.

313. Life giving words

Proverbs 8:9

“If you have understanding, you will see that my words are just what you need.”

If we would just seek that which we need, life would be so much better. If we could listen and understand the words of wisdom we wouldn’t get into as much trouble as we do. There a lot of things that have been tried many times and they have failed. People will still try it again and again and even do it the same way expecting different results.

There is another type of life-giving words that can literally save our life. It is our intuition that we have engineered into our very being. It is that gut feeling that tells us something isn’t right. Listen to that gut feeling. It may be telling you fight or flight.

312.Advice from Christ (Willful Blindness)

 John 9:41

“Jesus answered, “If you were blind, you would not be guilty. But now that you claim to see, you will keep on being guilty.”

I often ponder how many people who know GOD have turned away from GOD for worldly things? I am guilty of it myself. I believe in GOD. I believe Jesus Christ is his son. I believe, accept and feel the Holy Spirit in my life, especially in times of needed comfort.

The biggest thing I am guilty of is; not helping my fellow man. I will start to be more open and look and offer my help if I see and feel it is needed.