119. Hearing bad news

Proverbs 1:5

“A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels:”

I used to hear stories of those who had children who had scary health problems who required serious surgeries that could go either way. I used to wonder how the parents handled the situation. I used to pray for these people general prayers for recovery, guide the doctors hands etc…

Well that all changed until it happened to my child. When you are told that something serious is going on with your child it hits you like a freight train. You can’t believe your ears. The anxiety builds greatly and instantly. If you ever had felt like the weight of the world is on your shoulders you haven’t felt anything like this. When you have young children, who are healthy you always feel in control of everything. There is little you can’t fix for them. It is when you have to give your childs health and wellbeing to chance that it becomes over bearing on your everything.

When this happens all, you have to turn to is prayer. You tell people of your situation and you can see on their face the shock of what is happening to your child. It scares the heck out of you. They tell you if there is any way they can help to let them know. The only response you can give, is to ask them to pray for your child. The humbles you quite a bit. You are almost to the point of begging people to do it. You also go through the process of mending past transgressions that are mendable. You reach out to everyone you can.

When my son went into surgery he was well prayed for. I attend two churches and had both pastors there. Even then I still feared the worst. When we sent my son with the surgeons the emotions became very heavy. You can’t talk without crying. All you can do is pray.

So, what has the experience done for me? I’ve learned to pray very passionately. I have learned to humble myself to reach out for spiritual help. I also learned what fear others go through when hearing the news like we heard. I can feel other’s emotions when I hear of problems. Especially if I have felt them before. I know I will feel this emotion again when I hear of similar things. I know now that I will also pray for the concerned ones and not just for the one who has the problem.