182. If it needs doing then do it.

Proverbs 21:5

The thoughts of the diligent tend only to plenteousness; but of everyone that is hasty only to want.

I heard a saying this morning on the Living Free in Tennessee podcast this morning that made me think of today’s proverb. “Do what you can now so that you don’t have to do it when you are old.” If something needs to be done, we need to make time to do it. Do wait for the perfect time. The perfect time will not ever come.

I have been thinking about drilling a water well by hand. I do need a backup water supply. I have the water filters for clean water. I am relying on city water currently. My back up plan is to use rain water and surface water from my pond. In the summer we can go weeks to months without significant rainfall. There have been times that it has been so dry that when we get a 3-inch rain event that the puddles dry up in hours and the water level in my pond doesn’t increase any. The water in the pond would stop up a filter in a few minutes.

So, I decided that I would drill my water well this winter when things are cooler. I started this weekend on the well. My son got sick the day I decided to start this. With his current condition we have to be ready to go to the ER if his fever gets to a point. So, we got ready and it was hovering just below the amount. I’d go out and work on the well it would go up. I’d come inside and be ready to go it would go down. Well something was telling me now is not the time for the well to be drilled. So, I stopped the heavy work and just prepped some things for next week when I am on Vacation.

So, in close I’d like to say. If it needs to be done do something. Getting a little bit done is better than nothing.

Mister Proverb

Mister Proverb

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