217. Was Jesus and anarchist?

Suggested reading: Matthew 23:1-14 CEV

Well if you apply the teachings of the bible to the earthly people then yes he was. If you are a Christian then you know who your master LORD and savior is and that is all you need.

In these times, the church also governed and would have people punished and even put to death. Jesus taught us that we should listen to these people because they were quoting the bible. If someone reads you scripture and it is legit then yes, you listen to it. At the same time, he commanded that we don’t do what they do. Have you ever heard that just because it is legal it doesn’t make it right? There is so much in the world to today that is legal but it is not right. When our brothers and sisters fail and there is no victims, we put them in cages like wild animals and then expect them to become better people. We even put them in cages for profit. Yes, there are private corporations out there that profit from us putting people in cages. As a parent if my child acts up and I put them in a cage, then the Gooberment will come and put me in a cage. Crazy if you really think about it.
There is a lot of government worship going on these days. Do you worship the government? Do you vote and expect them to help you out when you fail? Do you vote and expect them to apply your will to other people who are not hurting you?

Remember Jesus said in Matthew 10:34 “Don’t think I came to bring peace to the earth! I came to bring trouble not peace”.

Just because it is legal doesn’t make it right. And yes, I believe Jesus was an anarchist. You are told to obey the law of the corrupt land, as long as it doesn’t go against the LORD’s teaching so that you don’t get killed. If you are dead, it is hard to spread the word. Every law of this land (USA) can get you killed so tread lightly.

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