223. Advice from Christ “Prayer”

Suggested Reading Matthew 6:5-14

The power of prayer works. Y’all that have been following me for awhile now know that my son was recently diagnosed with a benign tumor growing on his spine. Well they had to do surgery to find out what it was. The possible outcomes just from the surgery were beyond scary. It scared me so much that I asked everyone to pray for my son. I even asked strangers to pray for him. Well my son made it through the surgery better than expected. I believe this was due to prayer. The fact that my family made it through the surgery without losing our minds is due to prayer. I have learned that it helps to humble yourself and ask for this kind of help. Your not asking for money or even time. You are asking people to lift a thought up to GOD. GOD listens to prayers, DO NOT DOUBT this.

Jesus told us these things about prayer:
Don’t be a show off when asked to pray in public. Just do it. GOD doesn’t need fancy.
It is better to go and pray alone. God may just answer you in the silence.
GOD knows what you need so don’t go on and on and on.
Jesus actually gave us the LORD’s Prayer Matthew 6:9-13 and said that is all that is needed.

We should give our problems to GOD as often as needed. Pray early Pray late and pray often.

Mister Proverb

Mister Proverb

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