276. Accepted is not always right

Proverbs 16:2

“We may think we know what is right, but the Lord is the judge of our motives.”

As times change then people tend to soften a bit on issues they were hardnosed on in the past. We tend to realize that the effort of a fight is just not in our best interest. I have seen several issues change just in my short 4 decades of a life that I have lived. I don’t care to get into any of them. The point I want to convey is that just because it is an accepted practice doesn’t me that it is the right thing to do.

Another point on todays proverb is that people will try to convince others that they are right when they are not sure if they are. If they can get the masses to agree then they are right even in their own mind. Just because you have convinced yourself doesn’t make it right.

Mister Proverb

Mister Proverb

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