284. Elected rats

May 28, 2019

Proverbs 28:3

“When someone poor takes over and mistreats the poor, it’s like a heavy rain destroying crops”

This Proverb speaks to the fascist government we have today in many of our countries. Even though we have a Republic and a Constitution the laws are still not strong enough to stop the elected from doing the bidding of the rich fat cat systems that control the elected through lobbying.

If we fight them with violence they will win. They have the money. They have the weaponry. A man only army cannot compete with them and if tried you will be hunted down and killed by people with guns and unlimited financial resources.

Many say, “We just can’t sit here and do nothing”. You are right you must do something. What can you do?

  1. Pray and ask GOD to deliver us from the evil that has devoured our governments from the local up to the world governments. If we all pray this then the Omnipotent One will listen.
  • Start providing for yourself in every way you can. Gardens. Trade things for things. Work for things.
  • Make only enough to keep your local governments from stilling their property from you. If you keep your income low, then you will pay less tax.
  • Learn to do things for yourself. This will save a lot of money and will require less income, so you will pay less taxes.
  • Teach others by example. When you start to do the things above you will look happier. People will ask, “Why are you so happy all the time”? tell them why calmly and don’t chastise them. Constant gentle pressure makes change.
  • Share other ways we can help here or on face book.
Mister Proverb

Mister Proverb

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