287. Advice from Christ (You think you know everything)

John 7:28

As Jesus was teaching in the temple, he shouted, “Do you really think you know me and where I came from? I didn’t come on my own! The one who sent me is truthful, and you don’t know him.

I often have conversations with those who are spiritually blind. I feel that they do not want to know the love of God and that like the pharisee’s and the leaders at that time they want miracles for proof. Jesus says that most of this world do not know his father and he isn’t what you think he is.

Please don’t walk through this world blindly. There are many different translations of the Christian bible. Find one that you can understand it. We are not in the dark ages anymore. There are a lot of shiny things that distract and deceive us currently. The media and the Gooberment of the world are two of these things. It is ok to trust but you must verify.

Mister Proverb

Mister Proverb

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