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236. Self-Reliance for the worldly things

Proverbs 20:6

“There are many who say, “You can trust me!” But can they be trusted?

A lot of people may look at this blog and think, “Is he advocating for spiritual self-reliance, shouldn’t we rely on GOD for our daily bread?”

For things that are of this world we need to rely on ourselves and not other people. Just like todays proverb questions, “can they be trusted?” This does not mean that we shouldn’t invoke the aid of GOD for help in worldy matters. We should in deed ask for help. We must also do something about it. In James 2:14 it ask us; My friends, what good is it to say you have faith, when you don’t do anything to show you really have faith?

God is always what we can rely on. God was here before and will be here after. Start everyday by praying that GOD will bestow upon you the wisdom to make each day fruitful for you and for those who know you.

235. Save it for later.

Proverbs 19:1

“Its better to be poor and live right than to be a stupid liar”.

O if we would only be satisfied with enough how much better off would we be? I am guilty of wanting more as are most people. It is human/animal nature to want excess. We humans should always keep the future in mind also. “Boast not today of the future for we no not what another day may bring forth”-unknown. We as humans can for see future events. If we learn from past mistakes, then we can better prepare for the future.

If we have excess now we should live still as the poor. We can take that excess and store it for the future when it will be needed. This not only applies food or money, but also knowledge.

234. Keep your 2 cents and get rich

March 18, 2019

Proverbs 18:2

“Fools have no desire to learn; the would rather give their own opinion”

Wow who isn’t guilty of giving their 2 cents worth of advice to people. If we were smart, we would keep our two cents and listen and learn. Knowledge is worth an immeasurable amount and can’t ever be taken from you.

So as momma says, “Since we have two ears and one mouth, we should listen twice as much as we speak”.

233. Advice from Christ “Judge less and love more”

Suggested Reading Matthew 5:7

Jesus says several times that if you judge you also will be judged with the same measure as you applied to whom you judged.

In Job 36:5-7 it states- “Although God is mighty, he cares about everyone and makes fair decisions. The wicked are cut down, and those who are wronged receive justice. God watches over good people and places them in positions of power and honor forever.

We do a lot of judging when no crime has been committed. Yes, I am speaking to you and I am guilty of it myself. This world is tail spinning to an event horizon and not many of us are doing anything about it.

We have got to stop judging and start loving.

232.The hard road leads to a narrow gate.

Proverbs 14:8
“Wise People have enough sense to find their way, but stupid fools get lost”

Happy “pie day” to all of you reading this (3.14). In Matthew 7:13-14, Jesus speaks of a narrow gate. He says that the gate to life is narrow and the road to lead there is hard to follow and that only a few will find it. We have different types of wisdom that are In this world. There is inherited wisdom that is from our gut feeling. We have learned wisdom. This is from trial and error. Then there is the wisdom from GOD that is shared with us in the form of the holy Bible and the from the presence of the holy spirit in our lives.

The latter of the types of wisdom is the one that will lead you there. Excepting the love of Jesus Christ as your savior is the ticket that will get you in the gate.

231. Message to young people.

Proverbs 13:15
“Sound judgement is praised, but people without good sense are on the way to disaster.

We must use sound judgement to navigate thru life. If we don’t then our life will be a hard life. The decisions we make when we are young can have lasting consequences. These can make us have enough or not enough. Don’t let emotions lead your life. Don’t let pleasure lead your life.

Before big decisions are made I suggest you pray on it. If it has to made now it probably isn’t a good decision.

230. Live right and have a good life

Proverbs 12:3
Sin Cannot offer security! But if you live right, you will be as secure as a tree with deep roots.

To live right would be to follow the 10 rules for life that GOD gave us. If we follow these rules we will do right by others, our lives will be easier. Now there will be some hard times but if you live and do as you should you will make through those times. Except help when offered. God may be working through that person to help you. Also your hard time and their help may strengthen not only your relationship with God but also theirs.

There is a whole lot more to this life and to this world we live in. One day it will all be revealed to us and make sense. We don’t have the capacity to understand everything. We must have faith that it will work out.

229. Be wary of the toes you step on today

Proverbs 11:12

“It’s stupid to say bad things about your neighbors. If you are sensible, you will keep quiet.”

There may come a time that you will need your neighbors. What sets human apart from other life forms on earth is our big brain. Our big brain can predict the outcomes of future events. Do we use this ability to predict these out comes as much as we should? Most do not.

Have you complained about your neighbors? It is easy to complain about your neighbors. Many emotions can be manifested when looking towards them.

Self-Reliance will only take you so far though life. We will be put into situations from time to time where we need outside help. If you burn the bridge before it is needed you may find it difficult to get across the difficulty that lies beneath.

228. Advice from Christ, “Be humble”

Suggested Reading Mathew 5 CEV

In this life it helps to be humble. Some other translations use the work meek. They say blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. Some people confuse meekness with weakness and that is not the case.

To be humble is not to be weak. To be humble is not to always follow. To be humble is to be kind to others. You can say no and be kind. You can refuse something and be kind. As we pray, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done”. Gods will, is for us to love each other and to be kind. We should be kind to our enemies. It doesn’t say submit it says be humble. I believe heaven on earth will not come until we learn to love each other. It will take a great cataclysm for this to happen and it will eventually happen.

Start today and bring some heaven on earth into your life. Be humble to people you interact with. Smile at everyone you pass. Help when your gut says help.